gogoNET LIVE! 5 - October 1-3, 2014

gogoNET LIVE! 5 will cap onsite attendance to a maximum of 50 people – 30 attendees and 20 world class experts. Onsite attendance will sell out but to compensate we will use our experience with gNL! 4 to expand online attendance through better integration and by making it a more meaningful component of the conference.

Presentations will cover the full spectrum of practical IPv6 and each onsite attendee will have the opportunity to present their use-case to our experts to get feedback, advice and possibly an IPv6 strategy makeover.

Contact us to find out more.

gogoNET LIVE! 4 Recap

This year was our best conference to date. A top notch agenda, world class speakers and a smaller physical format that facilitated excellent discussion and debate. Offering online access through the Virtual Pass was popular but it inadvertently slashed onsite attendance by 75%. Happily, the unintended consequence was a better conference for everyone involved. We have found our new format and will play into its strengths for gogoNET LIVE! 5.

Network World review of gogoNET LIVE! 4

Quotes from gNL! 4 Attendees

"I valued the ability to attend a conference that I wanted to attend, without having to travel across the continent, although that would have been enjoyable, just expensive in time and money."

"Great event, keep up the good work!"

"The price was a bargain for this event"

"Great personal interaction with professionals and researchers."

"I enjoyed the opportunity to talk and ask questions informally with leaders in their fields. The panels provided a good forum for delving into issues in more detail."

"The information was presented accurately and concisely. The people were all friendly. The speakers were time-conscious, and ALL provided PDF slides."

"I valued getting to hear what "experts" in the IPv6 space have to say, and getting to ask questions. Nice to talk with XYZ person that actually wrote an RFC that you had questions about."

"The speakers were of a very high caliber. Thank you for a well-organized conference."

"Really professional"

"I really enjoyed the conference and got a lot out of it!"

gogoNET LIVE! 1, 2, 3

Past agendas, speakers and sponsors

Quotes from Past Attendees

“This was an excellent conference! The number of knowledgeable speakers who presented was quite impressive.”

“It is great, and a tremendous service to the Internet community.

“Hope to be there next year”

“Meeting IPv6 leaders and exchanging ideas. Hands-on sessions are great--definitely do that again! And the Nephos6 certification exams were great too.”

“People from different background and experience come together for common interest, is the best part of such conferences.”

“Meeting amazing people. After-day ad-hoc dinners were the best.”

“This event provides good contacts and information on what is happening for IPV6.”

“Conference small enough to interact with presenters after talks.”

“Trench fighters sharing their experiences”

“Thanks. My first intro to ipv6. Very good.”

“The talks were good quality.”

“The diversity of views from content providers to equipment vendors to standards organizations to service providers was great”

“The networking!! Meeting people in similar situations, and hearing the stories was great. Deployment experiences and especially about security and practical snags in real deployments. The nearby lunches were good, the breakfast and snack breaks were very useful for socializing. The Wed night drinks and dinner was great.”

“Good location and excellent speakers.”

“Worth while conference”

“i hope to be back next year.”

“It was a very good experience. It was fun to hear from some wonderful people and to interact with others in the conference”

“This was probably hard to organize with the mix of expertise, but I did greatly enjoy the opportunity to interact with peers.”

“I have learned more on IPv6 during this conference than in my whole college education (just 3 years ago). It was dense but I couldn't get enough of it. Thank you so much for prepping such a quality event.”

“It was a very good event. Thanks for organizing it!”

“Overall this was a really great conference. It was a very worthwhile event and I'm glad that I attended.”

“The event provides good contacts and information for what is happening with IPv6.”

“Thanks for doing this - great job. Looking forward to the next one.”

“I liked the hands on sesssion with complete details for practice.”

“I liked how you pushed the social network as part of the show.”

“Worthwhile conference.”

For more information email: info@gogonetlive.com.

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