Advancing the Internet of Things with IPv6
Bruce Sinclair, CEO, gogo6 & President of Iot-Inc.

Bruce started in the business of IoT in 2008 as CEO of a venture-backed IPv6 company that developed a networking platform for Service Providers to build smart home aaps. He manages the 100,000-member gogoNET community and his new company, Iot-Inc, which focuses on the business of the Internet of Things.

The Trillion Sensors (TSensors) Foundation for the IoT
Janusz Bryzek, VP Dev, MEMS and Sensing Solutions at Fairchild Semiconductor & Founder, Trillion Sensor Initiative

Janusz is considered as one of the pioneers of MEMS. He co-founded nine Silicon Valley MEMS companies. In 2013, Janusz started TSensors (Trillion Sensors) to develop new sensor types to support the Abundance, targeting elimination of major global problems in one generation.

Sensors Meet the Internet of Things
Mike Fahrion, Director of Product Management, IoT. B&B Electronics

Sensors have been a core component of the Operations world for decades, but to the IT world they’re mysterious devices lacking an Ethernet port. An introduction to the hardware, software, technologies and techniques of extracting data from “Things” and applying it to  “Industrial IoT” applications.

Communication Mechanisms & Protocols
Brandon Harris, Senior Systems Engineer, Electric Imp

802.15.4 x, 6LoW, WiFi x, Bluetooth x, PLC & IP and proprietary (Zigbee, Zwave.)

Routed and Mesh Networking for the Internet of Things
Michael Richardson, Chief Scientist, Sandelman Software Works & IETF ROLL Working Group Co-chair

Two of the main network architectures for low power lossy networks are explained and use-cases explored.

Industrial Internet Customer Deployment Examples
Steve Jennis, SVP, Corporate Development, PrismTech

Three use-cases of Industrial Internet customers deploying IoT Platforms

Build, Buy or Rent
Bryan Kester, CEO, SeeControl

Understand all the implications of building your own platform versus buying it or renting it through a PaaS model.

Top 5 Issues in IoT Platforms Today
Bryan Kester, Steve Jennis, Brandon Harris, Justin Buchanan

Round table discussion on the top issues to consider when building or buying an IoT Platform: security, sensor compatibility, analytics compatibility, APIs and Standards.

Three Layers of Standardization
Carsten Bormann, Universität Bremen TZI & IETF CORE Working Group Co-chair

State of the art in standardization at the media, network and application layers.

Panel: Making Sense of IoT Alliances, Consortiums and Groups
Carsten Bormann, Amine Chigani, Michael Koster, Michael Richardson

What are the proposals, who’s backing them and their likelihood of success.

California IPv6 Task Force Update
Ed Horley, Co-chair, California IPv6 Task Force

Driving Unconventional Growth through the Industrial Internet
Prith Banerjee, Managing Director, Global Technology R&D, Accenture

The Industrial Internet has been heralded primarily as a way to improve operational efficiency. But in today’s environment, companies can also benefit greatly by seeing it as a tool for finding growth in unexpected opportunities

DDoS and IPv6: You can’t Hide!
Rene Paap, Product Marketing Manager, A10 Networks

Both DDoS attacks and IPv6 adoption are on the rise, including attacks over IPv6. Adopting IPv6 comes with more security considerations. Not all equipment is ready to detect DDoS over IPv6. Dual stack environments are at risk as IPv6 may introduce a backdoor in your defenses.

IoT Multiprotocols in Application Layer
Dev Bhattacharya, IEEE

The system requirements of various IOT application layer software are different. This presentation will cover multiprotocols in application layer and will include primarily merits and demerits of  XMPP, Restful HTML, MQTT and DDS.

IP-based Protocols and Standards for the Internet of Things
Michael Koster, ARM R&D

CoAP (RFC7252) is a new IETF standard protocol for connecting IoT devices to each other and to application software. This talk will provide a technical overview of CoAP and related IETF standards, and present new standards for device to server interaction and application data models.

Panel Discussion: Top 5 Application Protocols in IoT Today
Steve Jennis, Dev Bhattacharya, Michael Koster, Michael Holdmann

Round table discussion on the various application protocols in use today including, CoAP, XMPP, RESTful HTML, MQTT and DDS.

Question & Answer Session
Online & Onsite attendees

In this session, our attendees ask any IoT or IPv6 question to the presenters. Online Virtual Pass attendess who are unavailable live can submit their questions in advance.

Present to the Presenters
Onsite attendees

Onsite attendees get a chance to present their project to the presters and other attendees and ask get feedback on approach, technology and how to move forward.

Overview of IoT Security
Justin Buchanan, Head of Enterprise IoT, Cisco

Two virtual approaches and physical security methods.

Fog Computing – What is it and How it will Change your IoT Approach
Brian Sak, APO IoT Solution Architect, Cisco, Salman Asadullah, Distinguished Eng & APO CTO, Cisco

As more “things” are connected to the network, organizations will soon find themselves in a position where the majority of the data is being generated out on the edge of the network rather than in a campus or data center.